When Wilhelm Ferdinand Kaiser founded a wholesale enterprise for metal goods in the Erzgebirge Mountains, that marked the beginning of a unique ascent from a small business to a market leader for baking pans and accessories. Starting from the ground up after World War II, the company expanded quickly, and moved in 1978 to the present location at Diez in the Lahn Valley. Kaiser maintains technologically advanced production facilities and sells its products in more than 50 countries throughout Europe and overseas.
Innovative thinking and investments in the future, combined with many years of experience and technical expertise, are the maxim for many sensational developments. In 1968 Kaiser introduced the first Teflon-coated baking pan, followed by the La Forme baking form series in 1984. Even after WMF acquired controlling interest in the company in 2002, Kaiser continued to operate independently. Meanwhile, the repertoire includes baking pans in all variations, cookie cutters and baking aids made of diverse materials.
And the next generation – La Forme Plus – has already been launched, with entirely new features including KAIRAMIC® ceramic coating and a fully opening latch, an innovation from Metz & Kindler Product Design.