To understand the world of Revol and what makes it unique, you have to know something about the history of the Revol family and the start of a company that today is known worldwide. The Revol brand name has been closely linked with the art of porcelain since the early 18th century, when the first Revols were already masters of earthenware in Lyon. 

But the Revol saga really began in 1789 at Saint-Uze, deep in France’s Rhone Valley. 
On a Sunday walk after a series of violent storms, two brothers, Joseph-Marie and François Revol, noticed some unusual white streaks.
For these specialists, there was no doubt they had found a deposit of kaolin. The region was already producing the red sandstone used by potters and tile makers. The Revol brothers' discovery led to the manufacture of much harder-wearing white stoneware and to the establishment of the REVOL factory in Ponsas, later transferred to Saint-Uze.

There followed a succession of stoneware and “terre d'acier” pottery.

A few years later, the REVOL factory developed a non-porous formula that could be enameled in various colors, which went on to become the benchmark of fine porcelain.

Being a family-run company for eleven generations has enabled Revol to preserve (and even reinforce) its canons, values and originality, and to continue to move forward in the profession

In 1999, Bertrand’s elder son Olivier Passot joined Revol, bringing with him his sense of the Revol brand along with a desire to institute a sense also of the unique French expertise combining craftsmanship, innovation and quality that is behind the brand name.

He went from marketing manager to sales manager, travelling the world over to promote the Revol brand abroad, especially in the United States – and successfully, too! 

On June 29, 2007, following a serenely prepared transfer of power from father to son, Olivier Passot became chairman and managing director, taking up the torch carried by his father Bertrand for 27 years. Always in close step with his father, Olivier Passot is all for continuity and hopes to pursue the Revol expansion strategy while adding his dynamic touch with even more innovative culinary concepts.

Bertrand Passot joined Revol as company secretary in 1972, after honing his marketing skills with a number of other employers. When his mother passed away in 1980, he became chairman and managing director, a position he held until June 2007.

This appealingly charismatic man realized rapidly that the company could develop only through product quality improvement, constant creativity and opening up to new markets.

Spurred on by Bertrand Passot, Revol has taken a new lease on life through massive investments and a rigorous training programme.

Bertrand Passot is now chairman and managing director of Culin’ove, a Revol group company.